Mission Statement EVO™ Licensing

We will build unparalleled levels of trust and long standing business relationships through our accountability and vision for design.


Licensing with the evolution of architectural panel sysytems

Licensing with Carter Architectural Panels will allow you access to the most evolutionary ACM product to hit the market in the last decade. The EVO™ panel system is a true building envelope solution and is yours to utilize in both the supply and install market. The proprietary design with its ultra sleek look absent of all mechanical fasteners will give you a distinct competitive advantage over all others in your region in both manufacturing, installation and above all design superiority.

Contact your local sales representative for further information and remaining partnership opportunities.



  • Regional and national architectural sales calls and support
  • Trade show representation
  • Virtual and conventional annual marketing efforts
  • Competitive prices and accessibility to all system components
  • Continued commitment to research and development on all existing and future industry specific testing
  • Access to purchasing EVO™ Stone proprietary stone coatings, to be applied by Carter Architectural Panels
  • All EVO inquiries made to the Carter home office will be referred to the approved partner in closest proximity, in good standing


  • An endorsed Terms/Partnering Agreement
  • An endorsed NDA specific to Carter Architectural Panels, panel systems and components
  • Maintaining a stringent level of quality control on finished product monitored by Carter Architectural Panels on an annual basis
  • Maintaining an expected level of annual purchases on all EVO™ system components
  • EVO partners are strictly prohibited from resale of any and all EVO™ components to unapproved third party fabricators
  • All EVO™ panels must be manufactured using Carter Architectural Panels "Click Lock Corners" (Pat. Pend) technique to maintain industry leading structural integrity
  • CNC Routing Table with cutting depth pressure foot
  • Carter credit application to be completed and approved


  • AAMA 508-07 (Deflection & Thermal Movement)
  • AAMA 508-07 Compliant
  • AAMA 501.1-05 (Dynamic)
  • ASTM E 1233 (Modified)
  • ASTM E 331 (Static)
  • ASTM E 330 (Static)
  • ASTM E 283 (Static)